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Asset Management For Schools

Setting up your list of Rooms and Equipment is extremely easy.

Hundreds of items can be imported at once from a spreadsheet with a single click; you can add as many custom fields as you like, and for each item you can set specific access rights and booking policies.

Each item can have photos and an unlimited number of attached files (i.e. sales receipts, warranties, schematics, etc).

Having an inventory of all your equipment is crucial for accounting and insurance purposes, it allows for accurate tracking of depreciation, maintenance and repairs, and more importantly it enables Beebop’s timetabling, online booking and clash detection features.

Online Bookings with Room Finder

Whether you want to allow students to make their own bookings of rooms and equipment with a completely automatic self-service system, or prefer to have a managed system where requests are passed through your staff, or anything in between (half and half?) Beebop makes it possible.

Booking policies, virtual tokens, self-registration events, automatic notifications and reminders are just some of the tools you have at your disposal to empower students and staff to use what the school has to offer, without the risk of anyone abusing the system or having access to more than they should.

The user experience could not be easier: just tell Beebop what you are looking for, say a meeting room with capacity for at least five people and a projector, and see a list of what is available and what is not.

Batch operations and integrations

Beebop’s calendar has features specifically designed with school administrators in mind.

You can create hundreds of events at once from a simple CSV import, you can search events using filters such as lecture content, participants, course, classroom and more, and you can apply batch operations to multiple events at the click of a button (for example, replacing a teacher halfway through the term).

The calendar can also send reminders for incomplete attendance tracking and assignment deadlines. The result of all these operations can be seen on any external calendar (Google, Outlook, iCal, etc) linked to Beebop’s live feed.

For very complex timetables Beebop features a timetabling assistant which allocates teachers, classes and rooms automatically, reducing further the chance of mistakes.

Double-booked rooms? Never again

With Beebop it is simply impossible to have the same room or asset booked by two people. Any time an event is created, modified, or moved, Beebop checks for potential asset clashes and prevents the action from occurring if one is detected.

Incidentally, Beebop will also check for participant clashes: unlike assets, double booking of participants is allowed but thanks to Beebop’s detailed warning it will always be intentional.

Self Registrations Events and Reminders

Aside from regular lectures, self-registration events can be created on the Calendar with or without pre-assigned rooms, equipment, tutors / mentors / other participants, and made available to a selected list of invited participants.

This type of events can be used for wellbeing sessions, mentoring and tutorials, social events, workshops with limited capacity, pre-allocated studio sessions, etc.

You can set all sorts of policies and restrictions for how many self-registration events students can take in a given period, how early or how late they can register, the capacity of the event, and more.

When someone signs up or cancels Beebop sends notifications to the person in charge of the event. Students get a reminder the day before – just in case they forget to check their calendar.

Designed for Education

Unlike other asset management and calendar tools, Beebop was designed specifically for the education sector and comes with features that are simply not available on any other system, particularly when it comes to safeguarding, data integrity, and batch processing.

Request a personalised demo today and see what you have been missing.

Affordable and Easy to Adopt

Beebop’s friendly interface makes immediate sense to anyone that is familiar with websites like Google Calendar and Microsoft 365; most people intuitively know how to use all the features they need, but just in case we also include staff training completely free of charge with every standard account.

There is also no cost or downtime for upgrading and installing anything: as a cloud-based application, Beebop works on any internet connected device, and you are always using the latest version (Beebop gets updated once or twice per month).

So without hidden charges for ‘account setup’ and training, and with standard support also included for free, the cost of use is limited to a licence fee based on your number of active students. This makes Beebop always affordable and easy to budget for, whatever the size of your school.

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