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for universities / specialist education / language schools / professional training providers


One single application to manage administration (MIS) and learning (LMS).

Better for data integrity, better for user experience, better for your budget.

Communications Hub

One single App for messages, announcements, notifications, and conversations.

Instant feedback when your messages and announcements are opened.

Online Bookings

Smart asset management, allowing unsupervised booking of rooms and equipment online.

Calendar-clash prevention system to avoid conflicts and double bookings, and customisable booking policies to enforce additional rules.

Remote and Hybrid learning

Built-in live streaming and recording solutions for online lectures, polls and tutorials.

Rich authoring system for offline content, assignments and discussions.

Safe Social Learning

Imagine students and tutors checking your learning platform as often as they check their social media. Impossible?

Beebop makes it real. As users login to chat with friends and colleagues they can't miss assignments, deadlines, announcements; conversations continue between lectures, on a safe platform which the school controls directly ...and social learning comes to life.

Beebop for Teachers

Get messages from colleagues and students; check your timetable and assignment deadlines; book a room to do some marking; edit your course notes; share a lesson plan with a colleague; start a discussion on the class channel to keep students engaged between lectures.

All done in just a few minutes, from a computer or from your phone, all in one single place separated from your social media and personal life.

Beebop for Students

Your phone shows that someone made a comment about one of the songs you posted on one of your channels, so you go and find what they're saying; while you are there, you also see an announcement about a social event organised by the school, and a reminder for an assignment which must be submitted soon.

Let's book a tutorial with your mentor, and also a couple of hours in a writing room so you can work without distractions.

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Harry Leckstein

Managing Director at Tileyard Education

"What I love about Beebop is that we have just one student login for one hub where everything happens.

Previously, students had to work across four or five external platforms which meant quite a bit of dropout and people not arriving on time."

testimonial image

David Pontin

Education Director at Platform One One College of Music

"A complete game changer. Both staff and students responded instantly.

Having invested significant time trying out other platforms I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Beebop."

Recipient of the
2018 Educate EdWard

Features List

User Management System

  • Manage all your students and staff in one place, with different access rights for different users
  • Fully customisable database
  • Customisable access levels
  • Full built-in MIS functionality
  • Users can have more than one user role
  • Users can be registered as individuals (one to one mentoring) or as part of a class


  • Built-in editor for course authoring
  • Modular design with reusable content across courses
  • Include video and other rich media
  • Stream classes and host virtual sessions in video conference
  • Record streamed sessions for offline access
  • Zoom integration
  • Accessible from any device without anything to install
  • Attendance tracking and reporting

Online Booking System

  • Centralised booking system for room and equipment
  • Highly customisable access rights policies
  • Built-in token system for bookings management
  • Room finder feature

Asset Management

  • Manage and track all your assets
  • Set advanced booking policies for each room and resource

Other Calendar Functions

  • Self-registrations options for tutorials and other events
  • Automatic notifications for changes to calendar events
  • Repeating events
  • Advanced search and reporting features
  • Full integration with Beebop's school inventory

Social Features

  • Unlimited discussion channels
  • Internal direct messaging system
  • School announcements board
  • Built-in notification system
  • Video Messages from teachers to students
  • Everything is logged and traceable

Financial Control

  • Built-in financial control for course fees
  • Create invoices, pro-forma invoices, and credit notes
  • Customisable per-user payment plans, interest charges and discount rates
  • Set automatic reminders and alerts for installment plans


  • Cloud storage allocation per-user
  • Stored files and notes can be shared with other users


  • Customisable with your logo and colours
  • Hosted on secure AWS servers
  • GDPR compliant

What can you do with Beebop?


  • Manage Student Information
  • Manage Staff Records
  • Course Authoring
  • Schedule Classes, Lectures, Events
  • Create Invoices
  • Track Payments
  • Generate Reports
  • Set Automatic Reminders
  • Create Announcements
  • Communicate with Students and Teachers


  • Mark Students' Attendance
  • Create Assignments
  • Grade Coursework
  • Communicate with Students and Colleagues
  • Create and Share Lesson Plans
  • Upload and Share Files
  • Manage Your Classes
  • Book Resources


  • Communicate with your Teachers and Classmates
  • Sign Up for Tutorials
  • Get Announcements and Reminders
  • Book Equipment and Facilities
  • Check your Schedule
  • Take Course Notes
  • Upload and Share Files
  • Submit Coursework
  • Work in groups
  • Download documents and invoices

Always Affordable

Beebop is free for teachers and school administrators; you only pay a low fee for each active student.

With no setup charges or minimum size Beebop makes financial sense even for a single classroom.

Request a call back today.