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Beebop comes with BigBlueButton™ preinstalled and native integration for Zoom(®), all ready to use from day one.

Enquire today about getting a trial account, and get your students online tomorrow.

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BigBlueButton included

With Beebop, BigBlueButton is preinstalled and ready to use. No separate login or licences, no servers to configure and maintain.

Create unlimitd meetings, with up to 100 participants per meeting and no time limits; share your screen, share presentations, create quick polls, use break-out rooms, share youtube video without loss of quality, and lots more.

BigBlueButton is designed from the grounds up for education, and it offers a few unique features and an optimised interface to reflect that.

Zoom integration

This integration does not require a costly 'Enterprise' or 'Education' account. The minimum requirement is to have just a single Zoom 'Pro' licence (in the UK, £11.99 per month).

First, we create a virtual room for each one of our zoom licences (paid and unpaid); these virtual rooms are then booked using the school's calendar.

Now, tutors and students only have a button to click to join the right meeting at the right time, and their attendance is recorded automatically.

Quick and easy to set up

I am not looking for a new LMS / VLE ... I just need a quick solution to take a few classes online

No problem, just use what you need and you can explore other features later.

Just import a list of students and click one button to invite them on Beebop; your first BigBlueButton 'room' is already configured and ready to use.

If you prefer using Zoom, setting up the integration will only take an additional five minutes (provided you already have a 'Pro' account with Zoom.

Main benefits of using Zoom via Beebop

  • Create and manage Zoom meetings directly from the school’s calendar; Beebop will prevent clashes and double-bookings.
  • Tutors host meetings using the school's Zoom account rather than their personal accounts.
  • All authentication is handled by Beebop: tutors don’t need to know or enter the login details for the school’s account on Zoom.
  • Only invited students and staff can join the meeting. There is no link displayed, just a button to join, so no one can share a link with outsiders.
  • Administrators can set up meetings in advance, Tutors will only be able to start those meetings a few minutes ahead of the scheduled time.

Main benefits of BigBlueButton on Beebop

  • Included with Beebop, no additional accounts required.
  • Works on any device without the need to install anything.
  • Create unlimited rooms for unlimited simultaneous lectures, meetings, tutorials, well-being sessions.
  • Only invited students and staff can join the meeting. There is no link displayed, just a button to join, so no one can share a link with outsiders.
  • BigBlueButton's performance is not affected by increased global demand on other commercial services, because it runs on separate servers.
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